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  • Samantha Taylor is shattered when her husband leaves her for another woman. She puts her advertising career on hold and seeks refuge at a friend's California ranch, where she loses herself in the daily labor of ranch life. Here, she discovers the healing powers of trusted friends, simple joys, and hard work. She also meets Tate Jordan, the ranch foreman, and a tumultuous relationship ensues. When Tate disappears and a fall from a horse changes Samantha's life forever, she is confined to a wheelchair and must look deep inside herself to finds the courage to begin again. Now, fighting the battles of the handicapped, she finds new challenges, new loves, and even the adopted child she's always longed for.From the Paperback edition.

  • It is New Year's Eve when the storm of the century hits northern California. For Quinn Thompson, what happens in the storm's wake will bring down a barrier he has built around himself since his wife's death. For neighbor Maggie Dartman, it will spark friendship at a time when she needs it most. Then, something extraordinary begins to happen.

  • Anglais Zoya

    Danielle Steel

    Against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution  and World War I Europe, Zoya, young cousin to  the Tsar, flees St. Petersburg to Paris to find safety. Her entire  world forever changed, she faces hard times and joins the   Ballet Russe in Paris. And then, when life is kind to her,  Zoya moves on to a new and glittering life in New York. The  days of ease are all too brief as the Depression strikes, and  she loses everything yet again. It is her career, and the man she  meets in the course of it, which ultimately save her, as she  rebuilds her life through the war years and beyond. And it is  her family that comes to mean everything to her. From the roaring twenties to  the 1980's, Zoya remains a rare and spirited  woman whose legacy will live on.From the Paperback edition.

  • Three sisters, bonded by blood, separated by fate ... Can they ever find each other again?

  • Page Clarke is a good mother to 15-year-old Allyson. But when Allyson and her friend Chloe are involved in a car crash, five families' lives are shattered. Page leans on Chloe's father Trygve for strength while her husband Brad is away. This is a story of lives changed and love that never dies.

  • Anglais November 9

    Colleen Hoover

    Beloved No.1 New York Timesbestselling author Colleen Hoover returns with an unforgettable love story between a writer and his unexpected muse.

  • Anglais Loving

    Danielle Steel

    In Rome, Isabella and her husband, Amadeo, have created an idyllic marriage and the House of San Gregorio, the most exciting name in European high fashion. But in an act of terrorism, Amadeo is kidnapped and taken from Isabella forever. Fleeing to New York, she fights to build a new life for herself and her son, as they discover new worlds and a new life together.From the Paperback edition.

  • Devoting himself to his young daughter and his five-star hotel after his divorce, Hugues Martin reevaluates his prospects when his daughter eventually pursues an education in France and he falls in love with a woman who understands his professional passions.

  • Anglais Constance

    Rosie Thomas

    The new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Iris and Ruby.

  • Anglais THE DUKE AND I

    Julia Quinn

    From #1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn comes the first novel in her beloved Regency-set series featuring the charming, powerful Bridgerton family-- Look for BRIDGERTON, coming soon to Netflix. In the ballrooms and drawing rooms of Regency London, rules abound. From their earliest days, children of aristocrats learn how to address an earl and curtsey before a prince--while other dictates of the ton are unspoken yet universally understood. A proper duke should be imperious and aloof. A young, marriageable lady should be amiable...but not too amiable. Daphne Bridgerton has always failed at the latter. The fourth of eight siblings in her close-knit family, she has formed friendships with the most eligible young men in London. Everyone likes Daphne for her kindness and wit. But no one truly desires her. She is simply too deuced honest for that, too unwilling to play the romantic games that captivate gentlemen. Amiability is not a characteristic shared by Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings. Recently returned to England from abroad, he intends to shun both marriage and society--just as his callous father shunned Simon throughout his painful childhood. Yet an encounter with his best friend''s sister offers another option. If Daphne agrees to a fake courtship, Simon can deter the mamas who parade their daughters before him. Daphne, meanwhile, will see her prospects and her reputation soar. The plan works like a charm--at first. But amid the glittering, gossipy, cut-throat world of London''s elite, there is only one certainty: Love ignores every rule...

  • Continuing the Beautiful Bastard series, this new novella finds Chloe, tired of wedding preparations, wanting to elope, while her bridegroom Bennett is only focused on the wedding night. Original.

  • Anglais Forbidden

    Tabitha Suzuma

    FictionAward-winning author Tabitha Suzuma is never one to shy away from challenging subject-matter. This new novel deals with the taboo of incest, as a teen brother and sister left to fend for themselves and their younger siblings find they are falling in love.

  • Que feriez-vous si un inconnu surgissait dans votre vie pour la changer à tout jamais ?
    Damon Lennox, motard tatoué et mystérieux, débarque dans la vie rêvée d'Adèle et jette son dévolu sur elle. La Française pensait tout avoir et ne rien désirer de plus : un fiancé brillant et fortuné, un restaurant français qui cartonne à San Francisco, des employés qu'elle considère comme la famille qu'elle n'a pas... Et pourtant ! L'attraction entre Damon et Adèle est trop forte et le danger est trop grand.
    La jeune cuisinière aux yeux de chat va-t-elle tout risquer ?
    Que cachent les tatouages et les silences du beau brun au regard troublant ? Qu'est-il vraiment venu chercher ? Si la vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid, la passion, elle, se dévore tant qu'elle est brûlante.

  • Anglais Secrets

    Danielle Steel

    Danielle Steel, America’s numberone bestselling novelist, has held millions spellbound with such novels as Family Album, Full Circle, and Changes. But with Secrets she takes her readers beyond the tightly knit world of the family, into the heart of the nation’s most glamorous industry: television. Here is the drama behind the creation of Manhattan, a firstofitskind primetime television series produced by Melvin Wechsler. Tempered by tragedy, seasoned by success, a man with a Midas touch, Mel Wechsler will assemble a dazzling cast: Sabina Quarles at fortyfive has managed to maintain–by dint of spunk and surgery–the body of an eighteenyearold. Tough, spirited, and selfsufficient, she has survived twenty years in Hollywood, never marrying, never quite succeeding, never deigning to work in television. Yet Manhattan may bring her both the stardom she craves–and the security her very special needs require. Jane Adams is an earthy thirtynineyearold beauty. Devoted to her children, dominated by her abusive and violent husband, forced to choose between her husband and her acting career, Jane may find that her role in Manhattan has cost her everything that matters most. Zack Taylor, the leading man, is a paragon of professionalism. Yet beyond the smooth good looks, the easy warmth, and the slick charm of the eligible bachelor, he remains n enigma. The charming ingenue, Gabrielle ThorntonSmith, seems to have appeared out of the blue. Beautiful, talented and on the brink of success at twentyfive, what can she have to hide? And Bill Warwick, plucked from the ranks of struggling young actors, is now slated to be the nation’s new heartthrob. But he has lied about one issue in his background. Not only will Bill’s future hang in the balance, but the success of the whole series may be jeopardized when he is forced publicly to confront the consequences of his little white lie. Set in Los Angeles and New York, Secrets carries the reader behind the scenes into the making of a major television series. Probing even deeper beneath the polished surfaces, Danielle Steel explores the dilemmas both men and women, in and out of the searchlight of the media, confront today. She paints a vivid, compelling picture of a sophisticated world and the surprisingly real problems of the people who inhabit it. Here Danielle Steel delineates her richest and most complex cast of characters, people forced together by extraordinary circumstances who must perform even when they're torn apart by their deepest secrets.From the Paperback edition.

  • Moving to New York City for graduate school, Hanna Bergstrom turns to her brother's best friend, womanizing venture capitalist Will Sumner, for dating advice as she transforms herself from a bookworm academic into a seductive beauty who every man seems to notice - especially Will. Original.

  • Sophie Beckett never dreamed she''d be able to sneak into Lady Bridgerton''s famed masquerade ball--or that "Prince Charming" would be waiting there for her! Though the daughter of an earl, Sophie has been relegated to the role of servant by her disdainful stepmother. But now, spinning in the strong arms of the debonair and devastatingly handsome Benedict Bridgerton, she feels like royalty. Alas, she knows all enchantments must end when the clock strikes midnight. Who was that extraordinary woman? Ever since that magical night, a radiant vision in silver has blinded Benedict to the attractions of any other--except, perhaps, this alluring and oddly familiar beauty dressed in housemaid''s garb whom he feels compelled to rescue from a most disagreeable situation. He has sworn to find and wed his mystery miss, but this breathtaking maid makes him weak with wanting her. Yet, if he offers her his heart, will Benedict sacrifice his only chance for a fairy tale love?

  • A magical and wonderfully inventive story about passion - and Paris.

  • Sarah et Miguel se rencontrent lors d'une soirée organisée en l'honneur de l'arrivée de la jeune femme, chez des amis communs, à New York. Attirés l'un vers l'autre, ils se retrouvent le lendemain pour faire plus ample connaissance, le coup de coeur s'est confirmé.

    De profonds sentiments naissent entre les jeunes gens, que ni les différences culturelles ou linguistiques, ni la distance géographique ne peuvent freiner.

    L'avenir semble prometteur pour le jeune couple, qui envisage de s'unir, de fonder son foyer.

    Sarah doit faire face à un choix... Prendra-t-elle la bonne décision ?

  • On the day of her birthday after a party drinking a lot of champagne she takes the subway home. The man sitting opposite her looks just like her first lover. She dares to speak to him to know if it's him.
    Is he really the man she thinks is he?

    Le jour de son anniversaire après une soirée bien arrosée au champagne elle reprend le métro. L'homme qui est assis en face d'elle ressemble à son premier amour. Elle ose lui adresser la parole pour en avoir le coeur net.
    Est-il bien l'homme qu'elle croit reconnaître ?

  • Pride and Prejudice is a novel of manners by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story follows the main character, Elizabeth Bennet, as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, morality, education, and marriage in the society of the landed gentry of the British Regency. Elizabeth is the second of five daughters of a country gentleman, Mr. Bennet, living in Longbourn. Set in England in the late 18th century, Pride and Prejudice tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet's five unmarried daughters after two gentlemen have moved into their neighbourhood: the rich and eligible Mr. Bingley, and his status-conscious friend, the even richer and more eligible Mr. Darcy. While Bingley takes an immediate liking to the eldest Bennet daughter, Jane, Darcy is disdainful of local society and repeatedly clashes with the Bennets' lively second daughter, Elizabeth.

  • Mirabella had even booked a NetJets Excel, but unfortunately, their passenger never arrived. Leanna kindly asked one of her best friends working at the NSA to activate her access to the satellites. Using Echelon on another computer, she managed to jam the engine software on Veronica's chauffeured car. When the limo got closer to a truck in the opposite direction, she pushed the enter-key on her laptop. Within a second, the driver suffered a heart failure through an electrical discharge on the steering wheel; a wrong steering signal was sent to the servo-control as well as a brake jamming. The car jumped into the air, doing a barrel-roll and crashing on the other side of the A8, into the approaching truck transporting liquid gas.

  • Anglais Bad for me

    Anita Rigins

    Anita rencontre Julian le jour de la rentrée. Ils vivront une histoire hors du commun.

  • An enticing blonde with long straight hair, wearing black leather trousers, stilettos and a black cashmere pullover revealing fabulous boobs was waiting there. Jean got very nervous. She dropped her sunglasses, and stunning Leanna greeted the father of her son in the coldest possible way. Distant yet more ravishing than ever. He wanted to embrace her.

  • David Rockefeller asked for Jean. He handed over to him a MacBook Air, but not a conventional one. This model used ultra-sophisticated recognition technology with triple fingerprints and the iris of both eyes. - Jean, this laptop contains the history of our group. Most of the information is ultra-confidential and not to be disclosed to anyone outside of the First Circle. - Great. Thank you, David. I fully understand the requirements to keep this stuff secret. You can count on me.