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B>A unique new vision of Gotham, built to be the logical next step for fans of the 2022 film THE BATMAN!/b>br>br>Bruce Waynes mission as the Batman has only been underway for a year or so, but he can tell hes making a difference in this city. Unfortunately, hes made some powerful enemiesand not just among the colorful maniacs called super-villains. All the traditional power brokers of Gotham resent the disruption the Batman has brought to town and it seems one of them has a plan to neutralize him. Theres a second Batman haunting Gothams rooftops and alleysand this one has no qualms about murdering criminals, live and on tape. With the entire might of the Gotham City Police Department and Gothams rich and powerful coming down on his head, Batman must find this imposter and somehow clear his namebut how can you prove your innocence from behind a mask?br>;br>Mattson Tomlincreator of the hit Netflix series Project Power and director of the upcoming Mother/Androidhas teamed up with Eisner-winning suspense and horror artist Andrea Sorrentino (JOKER: KILLER SMILE, Gideon Falls) to create a wholly new version of Gotham City, informed by grim reality, where every punch leaves a broken bone and every action has consequences far, far beyond Batmans imagination!

  • Auteur(s)

    Mattson Tomlin, Andrea Sorrentino

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    Dc Comics

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    168 Pages

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    26 cm

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    18 cm

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    1 cm

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    525 g

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